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College of Business Research Journal

The Asian Institute of Maritime Studies is a merchant marine college in Pasay City, Philippines that provides highly technical learning in terms of maritime education. It is one of the top performing maritime schools in the Philippines

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The Confluence

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Asia Pacific Journal of Maritime Education

The Asia Pacific Journal of Maritime Education is open to the global community of scholars who aspire to have their researches published in a peer-reviewed open access and print journal. The primary criterion for publication in the Asia Pacific Journal of Maritime Education is the significance of the contribution an article makes to the body of knowledge. It is an opportunity particularly for researchers in Maritime industry and education to share their scientific materials to the global community. The efficiency and effectiveness of the editorial review process are critically dependent upon the actions of both the research authors and the reviewers.

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LCCM Review

The LCCM Review is an interdisciplinary and exchange publication that aims to be the channel for the creative expression of what has been thought out in the different schools of the College and BED. It also aims to serve as a cooperating channel of communication among academic scholars, faculty researchers, students and experts from the different sectors azs well as the community. It is published annually.

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The Central Colleges of the Philippines Interdisciplinary Research Journal

The Central Colleges of the Philippines Interdisciplinary Research Journal (CCPIRJ) is an annual publication of the Central Colleges of the Philippines.

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HAPÁG A Journal of Interdisciplinary Theological Research
Published by St. Vincent School of Theology and Adamson University
Hapag’ (‘table’ – the Filipino locus for the exchange of food and nourishment, likewise of multiple stories, casual views or deep reflections, of differing beliefs, cultures and disciplines, all done on the spirit of sharing, acceptance and openness) is a bi-annual review of theological-pastoral research from an interdisciplinary perspective in the Philippine and Asia/Pacific contexts. It is a collaborative project of St. Vincent School of Theology and Adamson University.

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Research Journal College of Engineering JBLFMU-Molo

John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation- Bacolod continues to promote quality education as part of its advocacy. In line with this, the institution has continued its thrust by organizing a new club, the Peer Mentoring Organization (PMO) which is envisioned to extend academic support to students with difficulties in different major or minor subjects. 

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LCCM Research Journal

The LCCM Research Journal is the official multidisciplinary research journal of the institution and serves as an outlet for the publication of completed and on-going empirical research works and undertakings of the Faculty members, and Research Fellows of the College. It aims to stimulate research and scholarly writing and reflects the quality of scholarship fostered by the College in the various fields of research. It comes out once a year.

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