DLSU Business & Economics Review, Vol 8, No 1 (1997)

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A Decade of Philippine Academic Entrepreneurship Research: Growth, Comparative Outcome and Proposed Directions

Jaime O. Umali


This paper examines the development of Philippine academic research in entrepreneurship, by comparing research outcomes at two levels: first with a country that differs from the Philippines both in level of economic development and cultural orientation, and second by a comparison among Philippine educational institutions which differ with respect to selected characteristics.

In the Philippines, entrepreneurship, which has often been equated with small and medium enterprises (SMEs), account for 98% of all Philippine manufacturing establishments, more than 50% of the industrial labor force, and 25% of the manufacturing value added Meier and Pilgrim (1995).

The insights from this study may aid in assessing researchers' responsiveness to Philippine needs, and in formulating a strategy for SME research.


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