HomeLPU - Laguna Journal of Multidisciplinary Researchvol. 4 no. 3 (2015)

An Analysis Of The Impact Of Participation In The National Service Training Program II

Kay Losabia | Cynthia Gabriel



This study is about service-learning and the core values of LPU-Laguna. Survey questionnaires were given to 234 students enrolled in the National Service Training Program II. Weighted mean was used to get the students’ participation, perception of learning and the adherence to the core values. Using Pearson’s chi-square, results show that there is significant relationship between the colleges students belong with and their adherence to the core values. Spearman rho was used to look into the relationship of students’ participation in service to the core values of LPU-Laguna (rho-value=.609**, Sig.2-tailed= 000). Spearman rho was also used to see the relationship of students’ perception of learning in service (rho-value.198**, Sig. 2-tailed= .002). Results show that there is significant relationship among the students’ level participation, students’ adherence to the core values and students perception of learning.