HomeLCCM Research Journalvol. 19 no. 1 (2009)

Indicators and Antecedents of Deviant Workplace Behavior

Divina M. Edralin



The survey conducted among 120 employers investigated the indicators and antecedents of deviant workplace behavior. Findings revealed that production deviance occurred most frequently, while personal aggression deviance was committed least. Among the specific manifestations of political deviance, intentionally working slowly is at the top of the list. The employee’s desire to have more time for oneself and family triggers this misbehavior frequently. In the quadrant of political deviance, gossiping and spreading rumors happen most of the time because employees lack understanding and respect for each other. Lying about hours worked is the most common form of property deviance demonstrated by the employees, because their employer underpays them for the work that they render. Verbal abuse is the most frequently exhibited form of personal aggression, which is due to job stressors and differences in personalities. In order to minimize and possibly eradicate the occurrence of deviant behavior in the workplace, management must be able to implement strategies that will focus on conveying the need to abide by the strong ethical values and norms of the organization and become role models in the promotion and maintenance of a supportive and nurturing organizational culture.