HomeLCCM Research Journalvol. 19 no. 1 (2009)

Ecotourism Development Plan at Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija: A Survey of Community Residents

Cristobal M. Pagoso | Presentacion Sl Katigbak



This study examined the perceptions and development preferences of Poblacion West (Pantabangan) residents regarding knowledge of the natural resources, community growth, tourism development, economic outlook, recreational activities, and livelihood. A total of 200 randomly selected respondents are the subjects of this study. Findings revealed that the residents of Poblacion West in Pantabangan agree that their place is rich in natural resources and they are optimistic that they will benefit from it. Although, the respondents indicated that they value and proud of their town, a great percentage are longing for livelihood. Majority of the respondents are aware that tourism can boost their town revenue and can give them additional source of income. They are also aware that there is a lack of recreational and tour activities in Pantabangan. But they are supportive in making their place as a tourist destination. The ecotourism activities the respondents favor the most are (1) going to public provincial parks, (2) cycling, (3) watching concerts and historical fiesta, and (4) gardening. The preferred livelihood of most of the respondents is animal raising and the most frequently stated animal that they want to raise are chicken, goat, and pig. Several places are recommended by the respondents where tourists can visit in Pantabangan. The most frequently mentioned areas are Pantabangan Dam, Best View Guest House, Intang Pier, California Energy-Casecnan, and Pantabangan Campsite.