HomeResearch Journal College of Engineering JBLFMU-Molovol. 3 no. 1 (2010)

Understanding Seafarers’ Family: A Cultivating Change among Maritime Youth

Donald G. Dacunes | Mark Anthony A. Gascon | Andy Ryota C. Idei | Ritz S. Serofia | Rolando A. Alimen



The purpose of the study was to look into the understanding of family among marine engineering students, who were accepted as scholars of NSA (Norwegian Shipregistry Agency) at Maritime University (John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University-Molo, Iloilo City).  The data of this study were gathered through the use of sixteen-item questionnaire “Seafarers’ Family Rating Scale” which was designed by the Members of Research Committee, College of Engineering, JBLFMU-Molo. The data-gathering instrument contains also one qualitative question on understanding family of seafarers. Frequency counts, percentage, and mean will be employed as descriptive statistics to analyze the quantitative data for this study. The quantitative data were supported by qualitative answers of the maritime students regarding the understanding about seafarers’ family. Respondents of this study were the 30 randomly selected scholars (marine engineering students) of NSA program. Results reveal the characteristics and understanding of seafarers’ family as described by the respondents who were of seafarers also. The study discusses also the common understanding on seafarers’ family as accepted scholars of NSA and future seafarers of the world.