HomeThe Central Colleges of the Philippines Interdisciplinary Research Journalvol. 1 no. 1 (2009)

Poverty Impact Assessment of the Residents of the Teachers Village, Balon bato, Quezon City

Gregoria M. Mercado



Poverty is in essence a lack of the basic needs in life which are food, clothing, and shelter. Primarily, it can be reflected in the lack of decent shelter. The premise of this study is that people have certain expectations about a decent shelter. When their expectations are met, feelings of wealth or empowerment set in. On the other hand, when these expectations are not met, then feelings of poverty set in.


Involved in the study are two government socialized housing projects by the National Housing Administration, done under two different administrations. Both have tried to alleviate poverty by the provision of “better housing” or decent shelter. These are the Teachers’ Bliss Condominium II constructed during the Marcos administration and the Balintawak Medium Rise Housing which was constructed during the Ramos administration. Together, they comprise the Teachers Village in Balon-bato, Quezon City.


From the findings of the study, design implications and architect’s intervention can be deduced which may help planners of socialized housing in the future.