HomeLCCM Review vol. 1 no. 1 (2009)

Designing Instruction: Making Best Practices Work in Standards-Based Classroom: Review, Analysis and Action Plan

Verna V. Santos



Questioning, thinking, understanding… these three processes
must interact in a dynamic fashion to advance student learning,
performance and achievement. It in this light that the book
Designing Instruction: Making Best Practices Work in StandardsBased Classroom by Judith K. March and Karen H. Peters caught
my attention. The book was published in 2008 by Corwin Press.
The 336-page book provides step-by-step approach to a complete
standards-based curriculum and the integration of best practices
into the delivery and assessment of instruction in every classroom.
La Consolacion College Manila - Basic Education Department
(BED) never ceases in upgrading its curriculum. It continuously
searches for innovations and breakthroughs to meet local and
international standards as the whole institution participates
actively in global initiatives. The quality of education that students
rightfully deserve is the primary reason why La Consolacion
College Manila had to think and act logically and affect globally.
With this in mind, the BED’s plan of action must be proactive and
could adopt international standards in its quality management
system in order to meet global standards of quality and excellence
in its quest for transformation.