HomeIAMURE International Journal of Mathematics, Engineering and Technologyvol. 13 no. 1 (2016)

Combined Mechanical And Hydraulic Valve Spring Compressor For I-Head Valve Engines: An Innovation

Jimcel P. Pecaso | Jaime P. Pecaso Jr.



Technology experts are continually trying to effect efficient manner and effort to integrate technology in the classroom for it has been one of the concerns not only of the country but all over the world. There are works and specific jobs, in automotive technology, which requires the use of “Special Service Tools (SST) -purposely designed for a definite job like engine overhauling, engine servicing and under chassis works. Mechanical valves in most I-type head engines are removed and re-installed using a “Valve Spring Compressor” considered as “Special Service Tool (SST).” Removal and re-installation of valves in any automotive engines must ensure and apply safety both on the work and the worker. In this idea, the researchers planned, fabricated and assessed the level of acceptability of the “Combined Mechanical and Hydraulic Valve Spring Compressor for I-Head Valve Engines” capable of removing and reinstalling multiple engine valves in one setting. Te proponent adopted the Research and Development (R&D) process for the developed “Special Service Tool (SST)” is useful to instructors in automotive. Te project was also evaluated using the descriptive approach since a review questionnaire was administered. Conclusion showed that the apparatus exhibited a high level of acceptability regarding functionality, usability and safety.