HomeHarvestvol. 10 no. 1 (2014)

Relationship Between Academic Performance and ECE Licensure Examination: A Predictive Analysis

Jonathan Vergara Geronimo | Jonathan Roldan F. Carillo | Sharon V. Santiago | Johnellee E. Pangan | Amor A. Lacara | Leonardo V. Surio

Discipline: Education, Electronics



The study examines the relationship between academic performance and licensure examination rating of 63 Baliuag University Electronics and Communications Engineering who took their first PRC licensure examination from 2005 to 2009. Academic performance, in this study, is represented by the grade point average (GPA) of the board in the following subject areas: math, GEAS, electronics, communications, and overall. It also seeks to determine which variables are significant predictors in the examination rating. The results are used to formulate academic and administrative policies that will further enhance the quality of instructions and improve the graduates’ passing percentage in the ECE licensure examination. Results showed that the PRC Overall rating can be predicted with moderate precision using the graduates’ professional subjects GPA. Moreover, the professional subjects GPA were a predicting factor in the ECE licensure examination rating. However, high academic achievement in communications subjects does not guarantee high performance rating in the Board.