HomeAsia Pacific Journal of Maritime Educationvol. 1 no. 1 (2015)

Awareness on Medical Examinations and their Importance to Maritime Students

Mervin Carl E. Sarmiento | Marvhic M. Andino | John Paul G. Chavez | Jonathan G. Cruzat | Sandy D. Geducos | Beverly T. Caiga



This research work sought to gain insights on the level of awareness on medical examinations and their importance to maritime students. This study could be a help to determine if maritime students are aware on the medical examinations given to seafarers and to know their insights on how important medical examinations are in relation to their chosen profession. This study applied a descriptive research method with two hundred forty (240) Maritime students that were chosen on the basis of random sampling. After tallying the results, the researchers came to a conclusion that the respondents of the study are aware about the medical examinations given to seafarers. The medical examinations cited helped them to get insights which they will face in the near future. Furthermore, the respondents are also aware that medical examinations are important in determining if they are fitted for their chosen profession, which is in accordance to the research’s general objective which is to imprint into the students’ minds how important health is to a seafarer and to encourage them to take care of their health.