HomeAsia Pacific Journal of Maritime Educationvol. 1 no. 1 (2015)

Feedback on Personality Development Course from First Year BSMT Students

John Diether R. Dayao | Dyxther P. Gaddi | Ralph Joseph G. Gagan | Eidrian C. Hernandez | Luigi Joseph H. Rosales | Ferdinand Alcanata | Beverly T. Caiga



This study aimed to determine the Feedback of Personality Development Course from First Year BSMT Students. Descriptive method of research was utilized in this study. Data gathered from 191 first year students by utilizing an adapted questionnaire. It was concluded from the results the first year students generally agree to the contents of Personality Development Course. Through these results, the researchers recommend to enhance the ways in teaching the course and to continue accumulating feedbacks to achieve maximum agreement to the contents of the course.