HomeAsia Pacific Journal of Maritime Educationvol. 1 no. 1 (2015)

Students’ Awareness on the New Curriculum of Lyceum International Maritime Academy

Mark Anthony D. Barcelona | Redinel C. Florindo | Kevin B. Mosca | Dick Aries T. Soliven | Leoncio Mandigma | Beverly T. Caiga



The study aimed to determine the level of awareness on the new curriculum of LIMA. The researchers used descriptive method of research. The data were gathered through questionnaires. The respondents of the study were one hundred ninety (190) second year BSMT and BSMarE students, currently enrolled in LPU-Batangas. The results revealed that the respondents were aware on the new curriculum of LIMA based on instructions and learning outcomes. The respondents also encountered problems in the implementation of the new curriculum. The researchers recommended to spread the information about the new curriculum to all students and to provide new teaching techniques and strategies to enhance student learning.