HomeThe Confluencevol. 7 no. 2 (2016)

PINTOL: Spring of Beliefs and Traditions

Mary Francis Laquinon | Rolando Cornelia | Maria Fe Sadang | Angela Kristine Ocao | Nella Ibarra

Discipline: History



“Pintol” is a small driftwood found by a fisherman named Andao. He went to the river to catch fish and cast his net to do so. After a while, he pulled the net back and was so excited because it was heavy but to his surprise, found a “pintol”, a simple driftwood inside the net. He threw it away and cast again his net but when he pulled it back, the “pintol” was still inside. He did this for the third time with the same result, so he decided to throw it as far as he could to the sea. He went back fishing but was amazed to find out that the “pintol” was what he caught again. He decided to place the “pintol” inside his buri bag at his back and went on fishing; it was only then that he caught many fish.