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College of Nursing – 2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Maria Antonia Lomente | Sherry Liz Regis | Maria Josephine T. Saycon

Discipline: Nursing



The concern for quality is universal among existing educational institutions. Academic institutions that have moulded outstanding graduates and demonstrated quality services are essential deciding factors in the selection of a school. So, the importance of assessing the customer satisfaction is useful to ensure that students, faculty and staff, parents, other stakeholders and the whole community are completely satisfied with the services provided. Moreover, through customer satisfaction survey areas of potential improvements are identified and are given solutions.

Customer Satisfaction Survey is the process of measuring whether or not company’s customers or end users are happy or satisfied with the products or services receive. It may be conducted by asking the customers for their views on how well or badly the company is performing by means of face to face, over the phone, e mails, or by answering survey forms.