HomeBENCHMARK: College of Business Research Journalvol. 1 no. 1 (2013)

Extent of Customer Service of Selected Restaurants in Pasay City

Klarence C. Atutubo | Zhyra Rose M. De Asis | Loui Lexter S. Dela Cruz | Cherrylyn T. Pilar | Keithsy Joy B. Querol



A service-oriented company is replete with activities that are reflected on their day-to-day operation. In the food industry, restaurants are service-oriented establishments where services are extended from human to non-human form. As consumers dine in a restaurant, various aspects of customer service were extended so as to satisfy and retain loyalty. Beside the consumed food, these services account most of the experiences gained by a customer. At the onset of these experiences do lie most of the possibility for customer satisfaction and retention. The study is then focused on the extent of customer service rendered by selected restaurants in Pasay City. Specifically, it seeks to determine the level of attainment of customer service in terms of interpersonal, food, order, facility, and security services. It further seeks to determine the order of priorities of the above stated services in terms of improvement.

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