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The study was conducted to determine the feasibility of establishing Macao Cold Spring Resort in Barangay Tupsan Pequeño, Mahinog, Camiguin Island. The study has five components: the marketing study, management study, technical study, financial stu

Ma. Claudette Jade O. | Melvin C. Piamonte | Ma. Venus P. Reyes | Armi Rile | Jannai Elijah A. Untalan



Freight forwarding is a very demanding work. The clients that a freight forwarding company serves want their goods to arrive on time. Every day, employees of said companies have to answer the queries of the impatient clients, which wouldn’t want to hear the word “delayed”. To be able to answer such queries, employees need to be updated with the movement of goods. This involves coordinating with various distribution channel participants. Aside from this, the employees also have to ensure that every move of the goods have to be properly documented and liquidated. It can really cause a lot of stress that can bog them down. The researchers are a witness to such situations. Hence, they have embarked in this endeavor to study if there is a relationship between job-related problems and job performance