HomeSPU Research Journal on Global Educationvol. 1 no. 1 (2016)

Paulinian International Education: The Language of Excellence and Empathy in the Instruction and Learning of Foreign Students in St. Paul University Manila

Flordeliza Deza



St. Paul University Manila sought to assess the extent to which international students perceive excellence and empathy within their unique Paulinian international education. By conducting a survey and interviewing conveniently sampled informants that comprised 60 percent of the international students during the data construction period, the study revealed that while St. Paul University Manila is relatively a newcomer in providing education to international students, its attempt to provide experiences of excellence and empathy is recognized by its foreign students. Half of the total items in both excellence and empathy surveys were strongly agreed by them – the rest, except for one item, were nevertheless considered still agreeable. Overall, the university seems to be on the right direction, especially because it responds to very specific individual needs that show the institution’s empathy for every student seeking academic excellence.