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HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journalvol. 1 no. 1 (2015)

Job Pressure and Self-Knowledge as Coping Strategies of the Faculty

Beverly D. Jaminal



The 21st century have ushered new challenges for the educators. Much more so with the advent of new information technology, the paradigm shift in our curriculum and the onset of ASEAN 2015, the role of teachers has changed significantly. There is now a need for teachers to keep abreast with these changes to be able to cope with the demands of his or her profession and to cater to the needs of the 21st century type of learners. Coping with these development may sometimes cause stress to teachers. Teacher stress affects various aspects of teacher health and may influence how effective teachers are in the classroom, with potential consequences for their students’ behavior and learning ( University of Houston, 2011) Thus, this study aims to determine the stressors experienced by the faculty of Saint Michael College of Caraga and their coping strategies. The study used of the descriptive correlation research method. It was designed to determine the extent, to which different variables are related to each other in the population of interest. Te researcher used universal sampling in this study. The respondents were all the full-time faculty members of Saint Michael College of Caraga. The researcher used validated questionnaires. The study revealed that the greatest stressor experienced by the teachers of SMCC is Job Pressure which includes maintaining and cleaning the classroom facilities. The least stressor is poor human relations. The coping strategy employed by the faculty of SMCC, self knowledge ranked by the teachers as their common coping strategy employed in dealing with stress. Te least coping strategy employed by the teacher is involvement in productive activities. With the fndings of the study as the baseline, the researcher proposed an Intervention Program. The said Intervention Program has two components namely, the Expansion of the school facilities as a mean to lessen the identifed stressors of the teachers and the Personnel Development Program which includes establishment of the Professional Learning Community, Emotional Competence Training and the intensification of the Faculty Development Program.