HomeMindanao Journal of Science and Technologyvol. 12 no. 1 (2014)

construction, construction management, safety, health and safety, health and safety in construction, occupational health and safety

Leonida S. De Asis



The economic profitability of rejuvenated Robusta coffee intercropped with banana gives significant impact to farmers specifically for coffee growers. The study aimed to evaluate the economic performance of coffee and banana; assess the quality of green beans and banana fruits as a result of intercropping banana in coffee at different distances; and compute its cost and return analysis. A randomized complete block design (RCBD) with four treatments (T1-No intercropping; T2-coffee+banana intercropped at 2m x 4m distance; T-coffee+banana intercropped at 2m x 6m; T4- coffee+banana intercropped at 4m x 4m distance) was used replicated three times. Agronomic and economic data were obtained from the two crops. Fresh coffee berries weighed up to 2.95 ton/ha when intercropped with banana and yielded up to 1.65 tons/ha dried berries. Highest marketable yield was 0.99 ton/ha obtained by coffee + banana in 2m x 4m distance with percent recovery of 65.43%. Banana yielded up to 15.02 kg per bunch when intercropped at a distance of 2m x 6m. Highest yield per hectare was obtained when a banana was intercropped at a distance of 2m x 4m with value 12.51 tons. The Net Income and ROI was highest in coffee + banana intercropped at 2m x 4m distance Php217,455.00 while ROI was highest in coffee+banana at 4m x 4m distance of 84.51%. Intercropping is more profitable than monocropping. Intercropping banana in coffee trees at a distance of 2m x 4m performed best where it gave the highest combined net income.