HomeThe Journal of Historyvol. 12 no. 3 & 4 (1965)


Juan A. Foronda

Discipline: History, Philippine History



In this study I have tried to reconcile the different dates proposed as the foundation of the towns and ministries in Ilocos. In instances where this was not possible, I adopted dates which seem probable; in others, where some dates appear as feasi­ble as other dates given, I stated them without giving any judg­ment. There is; however, a town which is controverted by histo­rians : Tuley, next to Vigan, the second oldest town in Ilocos, hav­ing been founded in 1576. It is called by Galende “Santa Cata­lina”—a name which makes the Town controversial. According to some, this town is the present Santa Catalina; according to others, Santa, both of which are in Ilocos Sur. Both these towns have Santa Catalina as patroness; both were called San­ta Catalina in old documents. Only one, however, was some­times called Tuley, the same parish which, it is claimed, had been founded by the Franciscans in 1579. In this study, I ad­vanced reasons in an attempt to show that old Tuley was really Santa Catalina. On the other hand, I also mentioned reasons which show that Santa was really the old Tuley. After weigh­ing the evidence, I concluded that Tuley is really the present municipality of Santa.