HomeLetran-Calamba Journal of Institutional Research and Developmentvol. 1 no. 2 (2015)

CSJL Parents’ Perceptions on Senior High School

Marciano O. Tonido | Jenny Lyn H.

Discipline: Education



This study was conducted to determine the awareness and the effects of additional two years in the Basic Education and to prove the assumption that the school is prepared enough to answer the demands and requirements being set by the government. The questionnaire served as the instrument in collecting data. There were 100 respondents, from the parents whose children will be affected by the K12 program.

Of the 100 respondents, 89 parents answered that they were aware of the K12 program while 11 said that they were not aware of the implementation. For the question in adding additional 2 years for Basic education, 52 respondents checked Strongly Agree , 24 answered on the Agree response, while there were 16 who said that they Strongly Disagree, and 8 for the Disagree Response. The data proved that there was really an impact by the government dissemination of information about the K-12 program.

For the advantages of the additional 2 years in Basic Education, based on the response of the respondents, 78 parents considered that the K-12 program will help improve the quality of education in the Philippines, 54 responded that it will facilitate reduce the unemployment rate and help improve our economy, the other 51 believed that their children will have more option to pursue their passion, the aim of producing globally competitive graduates is believed to be the main trust of the government, and 68 respondents considered it as one of the advantages and only 18 believed that their children will have enough time to prepare for college.

For the disadvantages of the additional 2 years in Basic education, the result shows that 66 parents thought that spending more money is the major disadvantage of having the additional 2 years, 47 responded that they will have to spend more years in college, some 23 respondents put into consideration the lacks in facilities of the schools, while 19 parent respondents worried about the number of qualified teachers, and 15 believed that it will cause the increase in the rate of drop-out cases.