HomeLetran-Calamba Journal of Institutional Research and Developmentvol. 1 no. 2 (2015)

A Survey of the Problems Met By Basic Education Faculty Mentees for the School Year 2013-2014 as Basis for Faculty Mentoring Activities

Ma. Christina Antopina

Discipline: Education



Identification of the needs and anxieties of the mentees will enable the mentors to devise appropriate supportive strategies in the mentoring program. The study surveyed the problems met by faculty mentees on personal anxieties, students’ behavior, school facilities, and professional/faculty activities during their first three years in Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba (Colegio).

The study used the descriptive research design and the survey method. The data were gathered through a questionnaire formulated by the researcher and were treated using descriptive statistics.

Results revealed that there was inadequacy of laboratory room, tools, and equipment for mentees teaching subjects such as Science, Robotics, and TLE. The students’ laziness of doing activities and tardiness were the behaviors noticed with direct effect on their class performance. Students may be aware of the unwritten rule, which is the “no–fail policy” under the K-12 program wherein teachers give intervention and human consideration for low performers. Having light disciplinary sanctions could be another factor. The teachers’ personal anxiety is the lack of training and seminars affected by limited budget.

Inadequate participation on supervisory assistance on writing papers for publication and research studies came out to be a concern. The reason for this could be the superiors gave these research tasks as a requirement without giving extra consideration on the capability of the teachers to perform the task.

To address the concerns of faculty mentees, the researcher recommended that the mentoring program should be strengthened, focusing more on the activities where faculty mentees get inadequate supervisory assistance and support and integrating the mentees suggestions.