HomeLetran-Calamba Journal of Institutional Research and Developmentvol. 1 no. 2 (2015)

The Importance of the Holy Eucharist to the Second Year College Students of Letran Calamba

Sherwin D. Yanoria | Emiliano O. Atienza



The Holy Eucharist is one of the most important Sacraments. This study on the Holy Eucharist pointed out the motivation, perception, failure and intervention that can help the second year Letran Calamba college students attend Mass. Stratified sampling was used for the number of second year college student respondents. Survey method and key informant interviewees were used.

Results showed that, the top three motivating factors in attending the Holy Eucharist were devotion, family pressure and prayer request. Respondents’ perceptions about the Holy Eucharist include: the real presence of Jesus, highest prayer and form of worship, and symbol of faith and acceptance. Busy in school work, busy schedule and they have no companion were the reasons for not attending. While giving counseling, advising and deepening the understanding about the Holy Eucharist are the possible intervention. In general the second year college students were highly motivated in attending the Eucharist.