HomeIAMURE International Journal of Ecology and Conservationvol. 19 no. 1 (2016)

Community-based Coastal Resource Management and Co-Management: Approaches to Increase Fish Productivity in Villa, Iloilo City, Philippines (Year 1)

Brian Gil S. Sarinas



This preliminary study delved to increase fish productivity in Villa Beach, Iloilo City by utilizing two approaches: the community-based coastal resource management (CBCRM) and co-management (CoM) approach. Specifically, this study aimed to determine the fishing effort and fish catch per unit effort (CPUE); identify the causes for low fish catch; and elicit suggestions from the fisherfolks and the local government units (LGU’s) of the plans of action and actions taken on the causes of low fish catch and to increase fish productivity. Twenty-seven fisherfolks were interviewed and representatives of the Office of the Village Chairman in Villa, Iloilo City and Ofce of the Mayor in Iloilo City, Philippines. This study revealed that fishing effort was equivalent to 63 fishermen per day in Villa, Iloilo City. Most of the time, two fisherfolks went to shore to fish. Te mean CPUE is 10.03 kg/boat/day. Causes of low fsh catch were varied. The suggestions raised by the fisherfolks on the causes of low fsh catch and to increase fish productivity were answered by the LGU’s regarding of their plans of action and actions taken. However, a follow-up study should be conducted to assure that these plans of action will be realized for the benefit of the fisherfolks.