HomeUIC Research Journalvol. 17 no. 2 (2011)

Implementing Symmetric Cryptography on SMS Messaging for Generic Phone Using J2ME Platform

Exander T. Barrios | Margarita Miguela F. Avellanosa | Joana Mae V. Canuday | Rudy L. Uy Jr.

Discipline: Information Technology



The study dealt on the application of cryptography to generic mobile phones to provide users a technology for the privacy, authentication, and security of communication sent or received. Thus, this research effort, which is focused on the implementation of symmetric cryptography on SMS messaging applicable in generic phones using J2ME Platform, intended to design a mobile phone application that can facilitate exchange of encrypted text through Data Encryption Standard (DES) cryptography algorithm. This process required both phones to be installed with encryption application that can encode and decode the text message using a password. Experimental development with descriptive approach was employed to realize the objectives set by the researcher. To gather primary data, a pre-interview was done involving randomly selected mobile phone users as participants, the results from which were used as basis for data analysis. Secondary resources derived from various Internet resources were integrated to support the findings. Results of the study revealed that the application was installed successfully in Nokia 5300, C3 and 2600 classic, where the user could create or write new message/s, view lists of received message/s and could also send. Problems were encountered though in terms of the inability of the mentioned Nokia units to receive any message/s from using the application.