HomeLagumlalang: A Refereed Journal of Interdisciplinary Synthesisvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

A General Factor Structure of Perfectionism Mapped Unto a Personality Model

Kathleen Anne Monique B. Canta | Edward Teodoro P. Torio | Rene M. Nob

Discipline: Psychology



This is a preliminary study on a general factor structure of perfectionism and its trait components after mapping it onto the personality structure of the HEXACO model. One hundred and ninety-three Filipino adolescents participated in this study working on three measures of perfectionism, namely the Frost Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale (FMPS; Frost et. al., 1990), Almost Perfect Scale - Revised (APS-R; Slaney & Johnson, 1992), the Multidimensional Perfectionism Cognition Inventory (MPCI; AUTHOR, YEAR) and the HEXACO Personality Inventory (HEXACO- PI; Lee & Ashton, 2001). Psychometric properties of the perfectionism scales were modestly to moderately reliable except for three scales of the FMPS. Two general factors were extracted from the data, namely (1) concern over mistakes, and doubt over actions, and (2) high/personal standards-order. Both factors share similar components: the pursuit of perfection in each person. Interestingly, what distinguishes Factor 1 from Factor 2 is the influence of discrepancy, and parental expectation and criticism on the former. In addition, results reveal various correlations with the HEXACO personality structure that indicates latent construct.