HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 2 no. 1 (2015)


Kevin P. Huang | Michael L. Maguad | Jefferson P. Rabe | Roselle R. Bengco

Discipline: Information Technology



The researchers created, designed, and developed a multi- hazard emergency notification application named iAlert for Department of Science and Technology to improve the information being sent and provide another way of sending and viewing information. The Iterative Waterfall Model and other tools such as Eclipse, Java for Android Programming, and PHP were used in the software development. The database used for the system was the one used by the client which is MySQL. Using descriptive research design, the researchers interviewed Engineer Francisco Barquilla III, the Science and Research Specialist II of DOST CALABARZON IV-A to gather the required information. The results gathered from the series of interviews and observation were used to enhance the study. Evaluation of the system was conducted and it showed that the system was accurate in posting updates and plotting the update in a map; was easy to use and understand, and possessed the qualities of a good software. The iAlert would be a great help to the DOST CALABARZON IV-A in disseminating information to the public. It provided a new way of sending and viewing accurate information.