HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 3 no. 1 (2016)


Maria Ela M. Bajamundi | Jhenna T. Vegara | Neil Bryan G. Arrofo | Melani Quilloy



Considered an icon of Chinese- Filipino culinary tradition, Buchi is categorized as a kakanin locally, a dessert or snacks made from rice, sweet rice, or root vegetables and slow-cooked with coconut or coconut milk. Trio Buchi Enterprise offered buchi as a product innovation with varieties of flavor fillings like cheese, ube, and sweet potato. It came in different colors to complement its flavor. The product was prepared in Brgy. San Juan, Calamba  City, Laguna and sold at the stall located in front of the Colegio’s vehicular main entrance, beside Break n’ Zone canteen. It was made to be very affordable for its target customers, the students of Letran Calamba. The size, appearance, and smell of the product increased customers’ curiosity which made them try the product. For the packaging, kikiam tray was used for three pieces of buchi; an acetate box was used for six pieces; and a big box was used for 24 pieces. The minimum purchase of buchi was three pieces which included the three flavors - ube, cheese, and sweet potato.