HomeEducational Measurement and Evaluation Reviewvol. 7 no. 1 (2016)

Editorial Note: Open Access Advocacy



The volume 7 of the Educational Measurement and Evaluation Review (EMER) strengthens the theory in educational measurement that is available for various readers. The Journal through its editorial board takes part in the promotion of open access publications. The association advocates in making knowledge available to different scholars all over the world especially in the areas of educational measurement and assessment. According to Super (2002), “open access to scientific journal articles means online access without charge to readers or libraries. Committing to open access means dispensing with the financial, technical, and legal barriers that are designed to limit access to scientific research Articles to paying customers. It means that, for the sake of accelerating research and sharing knowledge, publishers will recoup their costs from other sources.” Knowledge generated and scientific information needs to be shared to the public for replicability, faster growth in theoretical development, expand discussions, and
wider collaboration of scholars around the world. The Philippine Educational Measurement and Evaluation Association take part with the initiative of the Global Young Academy on three advocacies on open access publications: (1) Making knowledge available, (2) avoiding inequality in publishing, and (3) enjoining scholars to participate in the advocacy.