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Prevention of Bone Loss Using Crude Extract of Cajanuscajan (Cardis) Seed in an Ovariectomized Sprague-Dawley Rat




This study aimed to prevent bone loss using crude extract of Cajanuscajan (cardis) seed in an ovariectomized Sprague-Dawley Rats. Two parameters were set to evaluate the bone loss, through urinalysis in which high amounts of calcium crystals indicate bone loss and through histopathological examination or bone histomorphometry in which low bone density signifies bone loss. Through Complete Randomized Design, 20 sexually matured female rats were randomly allocated per treatment. In treatment one, the rats were not ovariectomized and were only given water and pellets for their diet. In treatment two, the rats were ovariectomized but no crude extract of the Cajanuscajan seed was administered, purely pellets and water. In treatment three and four, using an ovariectomized rat, 40mL/kg and 80mL/ kg of the crude extract were given respectively, together with water and food ad libitum. Test substance was administered daily, starting on the day of the ovariectomy. Analysis of Variance showed that there was a significant difference in the bone densities of the rats and in the calcium crystal content of their urine between those who were ovariectomized induced with the extract, those who were ovariectomized but were not induced with the extract and those who remained unovariectomized (control group). Moreover, it also revealed that Cajanuscajan seed extract has a remarkable result as compared with the results of the rats that experienced bone loss. Further analysis of data was done using Least Significant Difference. The mean result of this test revealed that there was a significant difference between the treatments used in the study. Treatment two has low bone density and high calcium crystal content in urine, compared to the other treatments indicating that indeed, the rats experienced bone loss. Treatment three and four, however, has no significant difference, meaning, that increasing the