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Do attractions “attract” tourists? Evidence from attraction visitation of Hong Kong

Sunny Sun | Rob Law



The number of tourist arrivals in Hong Kong increased from 1997 to 2015. However, the attraction visitation percentage decreased to some extent. The push and pull theory suggests that attractions are built to attract tourists. Nevertheless, a question is posed, “Do attractions indeed draw tourists or just satisfy their other needs?” To answer this question, the present study compares the attraction visitation percentage of Hong Kong with the top five tourism markets in recent years. It analyzes the activity participation percentage of business and leisure travelers. Findings indicated that attractions with unique Hong Kong experiences have higher visitation percentages, particularly for long haul tourists. Moreover, shopping is extremely high for leisure and business travelers compared with attraction visitation, which shows that shopping maybe a needs satisfier. To help destinations attract more tourists, it is important for destination managers to deliver a unique destination “experience” through markers to connect tourists with attractions better.