HomeThe Asian Journal of Educational Research and Synergyvol. 3 no. 1 (2011)

“It takes two to tango:” The language of research mentoring

Emily Tan

Discipline: Education



Research mentoring is a process whereby the mentor and the mentee work and learn together to discover truths and produce significant outputs. This study characterizes research mentoring in the undergraduate programs in a comprehensive university in the Philippines. It utilized the descriptive phenomenological research design and the thematic type of analysis. The study reveals that research mentoring in the undergraduate level requires synchronizing the steps for the completion of the study, symbiotic nurturing and learning of both the mentor and the mentees, and synergetic celebration of the outputs and outcomes resulting from their collaboration. Success in research mentoring entails proper Time Management, Quality attributes and attitudes of the mentors and mentees, and appropriate Manner of research undertaking. It challenges the mentor and the mentee to engage in research collaboratively and enhance the quality of their research involvement. Moreover, it challenges the administrators to formulate policies to improve mentorship in the undergraduate programs.