HomeQSU-CTE Journal of Educational Practices and Standardsvol. 1 no. 1 (2016)


Meynardine C. Manilao | Remelyn C. Serafica | Eleanor G. Garingan | Nelson D. Guray | Sherill G. Dumaga



The study aims to identify the anxiety on the writing skills among the BEEd students of Quirino State University. The following objectives were realized in this study: (1) determine the profile of the respondents in terms of the following: sex, year level, and kind of school last attended; (2) determine the perceived writing skills of the respondents; (3) determine the respondents’ levels of writing anxiety; (4) determine the significant differences in writing anxiety when they are grouped according to profile. The study used a descriptive survey method and administered questionnaire in gathering and collecting data. Results showed that most of the respondents were female. Profile of the respondents distinguished that they were equally perceived in terms of writing skills. There were significant differences in writing skills among the respondents and most of the male students have a higher level of writing anxiety. Findings suggested that the institution must provide special classes in English for students who find the language difficult; teacher must encourage and boost the confidence of every learner. A friendly classroom atmosphere may help the students overcome their anxiety and increase their involvement into different activities specifically seminars and training.