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HomeQSU-CTE Journal of Educational Practices and Standardsvol. 1 no. 1 (2016)


Leyvi C. Laurian | Jennielyn E. Sanidad | Jaymar F. Resurreccion | Eleanor G. Garingan | Nelson D. Guray | Rosalyn L. Delizo



This study was conducted to assess the employability of the Quirino State University Bachelor in Elementary Education alumni of batches 2012-2014. The following objectives were realized in this study: (1) determine the profile of the respondents as to age, sex, civil status, year of graduation, educational attainment, and eligibility; (2) determine the nature of employment data of the respondents; (3) determine the status of the employment; (4) determine how the respondents found their first job; and (5) determine competencies learned in college that are useful in their first job. Survey questionnaire was used to gather necessary data from the graduates. The data gathered were analyzed using frequency counts and percentage. Results revealed that most of the respondents laded in the teaching profession with at least one month of waiting. Moreover, the respondents landed in teaching either recommended by someone or walk-in applicants. Lastly, the respondents, regardless of their current job, are continuing their advanced studies in education.