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Roselo V. Bautista | Patrick Joseph M. Lapuz | Renz Louis T. Montano | Louie Benedict R. Ignacio



Disability affects the daily living of an individual including relationship, school and work. Psychological health of a person with disability can affect their perception or experience of disability. The question in this study is if PWD’s still experience generalized gratitude despite of their status in life as PWD. The study investigated the Mediating role of Posttraumatic growth in predicting generalized gratitude of resilient PWDS. In the context of the present study, resilience is experienced after a negative incident in the individual‘s life. This becomes a spring board for the understanding the process of experiencing gratitude through resilience. The researchers have two hypotheses in the study; first is resilience predicts generalized gratitude and the second is posttraumatic growth mediates the relationship of resilience and generalized gratitude. Mediation analysis was used in understanding the relationship of resilience and gratitude. Seventy-eight people who have acquired disability participated in the study. Twenty-three (23) participants were from Bahay Biyaya and 45 participants were from Tahanang Walang Hagdanan Inc., 1 from Sinag Tala and 9 respondents were not associated with any foundation. The respondents were asked to complete the questionnaire that contains the Brief Resilience Scale (BRS), followed by the Posttraumatic Growth Inventory (PTGI), and then finally the GQ-6 Short Form (GQ-6). Results show that resilience does predict gratitude and PTG does mediate the relationship of the two. Thus, supporting the hypotheses, the present study shows that resilience does affect the PWDs feeling grateful despite their negative experiences. Resilience is not the only thing that keeps them feel grateful but also growth and finding meaning to their experiences following disability. This proves theoretically that the Dynamic Model of Adjustment of Individuals Living with Chronic Disease or Disability how Filipino PWD’s shows gratitude after traumatic experience.