HomeConvergence Multidisciplinary Student Journalvol. 1 no. 1 (2015)

Working Scholars: Life as a Worker and an Academic Performer

Melody Escabusa Villahermosa | Wahlenlou Caneda Oba-o | Jemimah Bagabaldo



This article discusses the likely reasons for the poor academic performance of student assistants (SAs). It is typical nowadays for students to work while studying to pursue their dreams in life. Expenses for college education` are never cheaper as generation passes by. Some families can afford tuition fees; however, most of the families cannot afford to send their children to pursue a college degree. Hence, one of the best ways to earn a degree and to fulfill dreams is to work while studying. Some of the working students are employed in the fast food chain as service crew. Some, especially those with capital, invest in small businesses. Some serve as student assistants in colleges and universities, and this is a common strategy.