HomeIAMURE International Journal of Business and Managementvol. 14 no. 1 (2017)

Corporate Social Responsibility Framework for Mindanao

Anastacio G. Pantaleon, Jr. | Rec E. Eguia



The study aimed to develop a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Framework for Mindanao. The elements comprising the framework are dimensions and agenda of CSR for Mindanao. Mixed method of qualitative and quantitative is the main research design in the process of constructing the CSR framework through Survey and Delphi Technique, respectively. The data collection was done electronically (through Facebook, Email, and corporation websites) and conventionally (through enumerators and personal encounters). Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) was employed on the data of the survey in extracting thematic construct of CSR aided by Monte Carlo Simulation to come up with the dimensions. Modal, Content, and Thematic Analysis was used iteratively in the three-round Delphi Technique to achieve consensus on the agenda of CSR for Mindanao. Findings revealed that there are six pillars of corporate social responsibility in Mindanao. These are Conflict Transformation, Environmental Sustainability through Values Formation, Food Security and Agri-Tourism, Human Capital Governance, Community-Based Good Governance, and Community-Based Disaster Preparedness and Response. Tis framework is hoped to give light to uncertainties on how corporations can effectively participate more for peace and development in Mindanao and perhaps applicable to the Philippines as a whole.

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Gene Anthony Salazar
1 yr ago

Hello good day. Hope to have FREE COPY of this published research. I am a Master of Public Administration student from the University of Southeastern Philippines and our dean is Dr. Rec E. Eguia. I strongly affirm that his published study will strengthen and enrich my RRL. My thesis proposal is entitled Factors Affecting Quality Service Delivery of SM Foundation Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan on Farmers in Davao City. My study dwells on CSR of SM Foundation thru the delivery of Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan on farmers. I tried to encode my funded BDO Debit card details thru PayPal unfortunately I was declined. Hope to hear from you. with gratitude.. Gene Anthony S. Salazar