HomeDLSU Business & Economics Reviewvol. 27 no. 2 (2018)

Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure in Vietnam: A Longitudinal Study

Kelly Anh Vu | Thanita Buranatrakul



Abstract: This paper aims to investigate the level of corporate social disclosure practices in emerging market. The purpose of this paper is also to identify the important factors that drive corporate social responsibility disclosure practices in Vietnam. Based on a sample of firms listed on Vietnamese Stock Exchange from 2009 to 2013, a sample of 600 observations was analyzed using CSR disclosure index of which is classified into four dimensions (human resource, community involvement, environment, and products/services). Significant relationships are found between board independence, CEO duality, size, and profit with the level of CSR disclosure of firms in Vietnam. The proportion of state ownership and foreign ownership in Vietnam still influences the prospects of greater information disclosure on human resource dimensions. This study is among the first to examine corporate social responsibility reporting in a growing emerging market such as Vietnam.