HomeAsian Journal of Healthvol. 2 no. 1 (2012)

Predictors of Nurses’ Licensure Examination Performance of Graduates in Cebu Normal University, Philippines

Daisy Palompon | Marylou B. Ong | Lucia Bañico

Discipline: Education Administration



The Nurses’ licensure examination is conducted by the Professional Regulatory Commission to screen Nursing graduates who will be licensed to practice the nursing profession. The study determined the predictors of licensure examination performance of nursing graduates. The study used the descriptive design using inferential techniques. Some 163 graduates were studied based on their College Entrance Examination performance on IQ test, nursing aptitude test, the composite score of science, math and English tests, college grade point average and pre-board examination performance and the correlations of these variables with licensure examination performance. Results revealed that all variables significantly correlated with licensure examination performance but only two significantly predicted licensure performance, college grade point average and pre-board examination. The study concludes that students’ academic performance in their baccalaureate program and their performance in the pre-board examination are significant bases in determining the success and failure of students’ licensure examination performance.