HomeInterdisciplinary Research Journalvol. 3 no. 1 (2016)

An Analysis of the Efficacy and Efficiency of the Information Technology (IT) Services of the Pamantasan ng Cabuyao (PnC): A Basis for a Proposed IT Services Plan

Gloria D. Hernandez | Joseph D. Cartagenas | Kathrine B. Alulod | Gloria D. Barundia | Rinalynn L. Borito



IT service management for Pamantasan ng Cabuyao (PnC) refers to the operation of IT systems which are centered on the customer’s perception of the contributions of information technology to the management. This study is a descriptive-evaluative analysis of Information Technology (IT) Services of PnC. Both quantitative and qualitative techniques were used to analysed and interpret the data from the service-oriented IT ServQual questionnaire by Axel Hochstein, as well as, the Key Informant Interviews (KII) was used to determine the gaps between the current status of the available IT Services as perceived and desired by their students and personnel with regard to high quality service. The arithmetic mean was used on the analysis of the efficacy and efficiency of the PnC IT Services on the perceived and desired service quality. Sturges’ rule was also used to compute the class interval for a seven-point rating score. The 4.1 result falls under the category of Neither Agree which served as the basis for designing the proposed PnC-IT Services Plan to address the identified needs of PnC. PnC-IT Services Plan includes the The University Policy {Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Demand Management, IT Architecture Board, Communication Management (Aims and Direction), and Maintenance of Business Requirements, and Facilities Management, Access Management, IT Human Resources Management, Performance Assessment, Job Scheduling Management, Customer Satisfaction Management, and Continuous Improvement Management}. All have its goals, people involved, and process; an action plan was also developed to address the specific customers’ needs.