HomeComputer Issuesvol. 28 no. 1 (1994)

Simplifier: A Windows UIMS

Pauline Chong | Ethel Chua Joy | Winny Que | Helen Tantoo | Roger Luis Uy

Discipline: Information Technology, Computer Technology



The difficulty of creating the user interface coupled with the complexities of programming in Windows must not become the main concern of Windows applications developers. This paper presents the issues surrounding a Windows-based software, called Simplifier, that caters to this need.


Simplifier is a development toolkit for designing user interfaces for Microsoft Windows applications. It is an interactive User Interface Management System (UIMS) with prototyping and code generation capabilities.


Basically, Simplifier has three functions - editing, prototyping, and code generation. In editing, the users can create, modify, delete, view, and maintain user interface objects. It uses a set of graphical tools for the creation of the user interface objects. It also uses the library facility to allow users to reuse existing customized user interface designs. The prototyper, On the other hand, provides users with an option to simulate the actual behavior of the user interface being developed. Finally, the code generator will generate the equivalent source code in C programming language.