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A Profile of youth volunteers in the University of Baguio

Engr. Javier Herminio D. Bautista



The rise in volunteering was spearheaded by the youth as revealed in national and international surveys. This study surveyed the demographic characteristics and volunteering activity inclinations of 560 freshmen students at the University of Baguio who had experienced volunteering for the last five years of their life before they enrolled in college. Majority of those who volunteered were females. Those who were inclined to volunteer were those in the age range of 15-18 and majority of them graduated from a public high school. Most of them were very interested in joining volunteer activities organized by educational institutions, religious organizations, the community, the government, and non-government institutions. They were somewhat interested in participating in activities organized by a celebrity or public individual. They were inclined to volunteer in activities of educational institutions and in activities that need help to address environmental concerns and respond to disasters. Further, they were inclined to volunteer for tasks that require the use of their skills and knowledge.