HomeComputer Issuesvol. 28 no. 2 (1994)

Ultrasonic Camera

Zarlna F. Adriano | Cesar C. Aduna | Severina Bernadette N. Arcilla | Desiree E. Ronquillo | Kelsey Hartigan-go

Discipline: Information Technology



The Ultrasonic Camera Imaging System is a prototype system capable of producing an image of solid objects using the concepts of ultrasonics. The system hardware includes a transmitter which releases a short ultrasonic pulse and a receiver which waits for the return echo. A filter on the receiver side has been employed to remove any unwanted signal. The time from transmission until the receipt of the first echo of the pulse is measured. This represents the distance of the object from the system. The measured time-of-flight is converted into range units. After all the range information of a scene has been collected, the system software will construct and display the image on a microcomputer monitor.