HomeCognoscere: SPUQC Student Research Journalvol. 12 no. 1 (2017)

Empowered: A Content Analysis of Selected Anime Series in Promoting Women Empowerment

Feliz Grace Q. Bueno | Monina T. Bello



This is a study about women empowerment as it is portrayed in Japanese Animation. The Semiotics Theory was used in this study to analyze how women empowerment was presented in the scenes, reflected by the characters and presented in the dialogues. Qualitative and Quantitative research designs were used in the study to analyze three characters and the series from which they come from. Content Analysis was used by the researcher in this study; she watched three anime series and studied the three selected female characters from each of the three series. The researcher utilized eight (8) indicators for the study and it was found that the indicators of participation, expression and independence were the ones that were the most common indicators of women empowerment among the three characters and series. Based on the findings, there was indeed the presence of women empowerment in the selected anime series and was most evident in the selected female characters.