HomeInternational Journal on Social Innovation & Researchvol. 8 no. 1 (2017)

Technology Security and the Development and Implementation of Security Policy at St. Paul University Quezon City

Marites V. Fontanilla | Dennis L. Alfaro



This research evaluates the existing security policies and implementation in terms of using the technology at St. Paul University Quezon City (SPUQC). An instrument that evaluates the compliance of SPUQC to existing guideline on technology security in the area of physical, information, software, user access and network security was distributed to the SPUQC employees. The results were used as a basis for the development and implementation of security policy at St. Paul University Quezon City. The study involved SPUQC employees. The questionnaire consisted of 106 items divided into six (6) areas, namely: introductory security, physical security, information security, software security, user access security and network security. The responses in this scale were categorized as always, often, sometimes, seldom, never and not applicable. Weighted mean was used to identify the level of compliance to the existing guidelines. Recommended policies which were listed at the end of this paper are subject for further approval of the administrators.