HomeMindanao Journal of Science and Technologyvol. 13 no. 1 (2015)

Yield Potential of Different Organic Open-Pollinated Cucumber Lines

Elizar M. Elmundo | Charly G. Alcantara | Joevil C. Pepania | Rodel G. Maghirang



The variety evaluation of organic open-pollinated cucumber has a great impact to environment and food safety. It gives an idea to farmers in producing organic cucumber with a sustainable production and low input. The objectives of the study were to select OP cucumber lines under organic conditions suited in mid- elevation and evaluate its agronomic and yield performance. Ten OP cucumber lines including check variety(check variety, 10-6-1-1-1, 10-77-1-1-1 10-78-1-1-1, 10-79-1-1-1, 10-81-1-1-1, 10-82-1-1-1, 10-85-1-1-1, 10-86-1-1-1 and 10-87-1-1-1) were used as entries in three replications using randomized complete block design (RCBD). Different treatments did not vary on their agronomic performances. Different cucumber lines/varieties were resistant to highly resistant to Downey mildew and leaf spot and less resistant to aphids and leaf blight. The fruits were more or less uniform in size. Variations in fruit length and fruit diameter were observed. Check variety had the longest fruit diameter of 6.72 cm and OP cucumber 10-77-1-1-1 obtained the shortest diameter of 5.63 cm. Cucumber lines/varieties were highly palatable and highly prolific. Its shelf life ranged from 6 to 14 days. The fruit weighed from 427 g to 590 g. Cucumber line 10-78-1-1-1 got the highest yield of 61.73 tons/ha which was very much higher compared to the check variety followed by 10-79-1-1-1 of 55.47 tons/ha.Lowest yield was 38.20 tons/ha obtained by OP cucumber 10-87-1-1-1. OP cucumber 10-78-1-1-1 and 10-79-1-1-1 were suitable to organic environment in mid-elevation area.