HomeMindanao Journal of Science and Technologyvol. 14 no. 1 (2016)

Crumb Rubber Tire as Partial Replacement for Fine Aggregates in Concrete Hollow Blocks

Ruel R. Cabahug | Jasper L. Bacol | Pegelou Jhon S. Lagutin | Leroy John B. Luniza | Gil Carlo H. Mamon | Paolo Nicole Edritz G. Pilapil



The study aims to investigate the feasibility of crumb rubber material derived from waste rubber tires to partially replace fine aggregates in the production of concrete hollow blocks (CHB). Three mixtures in the proportions of 20%, 40% and 60% crumb rubber replacement were evaluated for compressive strength of CHB at curing age of 7 days, 14 days and 28 days respectively. A conventional CHB was also prepared to serve as basis for comparing compressive strengths. Results revealed that all mixtures did not attain the standard minimum requirements specified on NSCP on compressive strength of conventional load bearing concrete hollow blocks. Results from this experimental investigation showed that by increasing percentage replacement of fine aggregates with crumb rubber aggregates created proportional reduction of the compressive strength making the CHB unable to attain required strength for load-bearing structures.