HomeMindanao Journal of Science and Technologyvol. 14 no. 1 (2016)

Reduction of Technical Loss on a Feeder of an Electric Cooperative in Mindanao by Feeder Reconductoring

Dana Maria Y. Eduave | Dimas N. Daquiado



Technical loss reduction program in distribution systems has been activated due to the increasing cost of electricity. These initiatives are already introduced to the cooperatives in the form of incentives and penalties. This paper focuses on the impact of technical loss reduction by reconductoring the 3-phase, 4 wire primary distribution line of a feeder with 2/0 conductor wire size to ACSR 3/0, AWG 6/1 with the total length of the overhead line 20,344.01 meters and simulated through powersolv DSAS. Simulation results showed that the implementation of this reconductoring led to an 8% reduction of the feeder technical loss. The financial viability revealed that the cost of the reconductoring project could add Php 1.20 per kWhr for 3-year recovery period and Php 0.64 per kWhr for 5-year recovery period to be added to the power bills of the consumers, but could also give rate reduction of Php 0.35 per kWhr for the 22 years for the 3-year recovery period and Php 0.37 per kWhr for 20 years for the 5-year recovery period. Feeder reconductoring is beneficial not only to the Electric Cooperative but to its consumers. A 5-year recovery period of reconductoring the feeder of the particular substation is more attractive since Php 0.64 per kWhr to be added to the power bills of the consumers is not very noticeable to affect the budget of regular earning family.