HomeMindanao Journal of Science and Technologyvol. 14 no. 1 (2016)

Analysis and Comparison of Switching Techniques of Electronic Load Controller for Micro-hydro Power Plants

Clark Darwin M. Gozon | Reuel C. Pallugna | Rojien V. Morcilla



This paper presents the four common switching techniques used in today's ELCs. Switching techniques cited in this paper are Binary dump loads control (BDLC), Phase angle control (PAC), Mark to space ratio (MSR), and Pulse width modulation (PWM). The paper modelled the four switching schemes in Matlab-Simulink and compares the switching techniques in term of power and voltage response, total harmonic distortion induced, and frequency deviation of the systems. Furthermore, this paper presents a significant difference of the said switching techniques that could be a basis for future designs and implementation of ELC for small and micro hydro power plants.